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Employee Wellness Program


Bonner County recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset and their health and well-being directly impact the services we provide and the community we serve.  The County desires to create a culture and work environment that promotes the good health and well-being of our employees. The “Small Changes, Big Rewards” Program was developed with the idea that small changes in our lifestyles can result in big rewards in our health and well-being.  By participating in the “Small Changes, Big Rewards” Program, employees will:

  • Improve their health and well-being
  • Be an example to their co-workers, family and community
  • Receive a discount on their health insurance premium contribution

The “Small Changes, Big Rewards” Program encourages employees  to know their numbers by participating in a health screening either with their doctor or at one of the Bonner County onsite screening locations, completing an online health assessment and completing an annual wellness exam.

2021-2022 Bonner County Wellness Program Guide

Bonner County employees can access all the wellness resources and tools available through Wellworks by logging onto  Wellworks for You  . 

The first time you log onto, you will need to create an account.  To create an account an account, follow these steps:

  • Go to:
  • Register to create a private Username and Password.
  • Enter your Access Code: 10925
  • Use your Username and Password to login every time.
  • This will take you to your  Wellness Dashboard. 

A  Wellness Committee  , made up of Bonner County employees, was developed to help lead and guide the efforts of the “Small Changes, Big Rewards” Program.  These individuals serve as liaisons between leadership and employees.


Mission Statement  – The Wellness Committee, supported by the Bonner County Board of Commissioners, was established to motivate and encourage employees and their families to make small, continual changes to their lifestyle resulting in big rewards in their overall health and well-being.  This will be accomplished by disseminating information on healthy choices, offering free testing of core indicators, providing education and incentives, and leading by example.