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Bonner County will have two elections on March 9th, 2021

There is NO MARCH ELECTION for all residents of LPOSD #84

KELSO will be designated a mail-only precinct for this election only. If you live within the Kelso precinct, you will receive your ballot by mail like a regular absentee ballot. There are only 28 Kelso voters who can vote in this election, so it is not a good use of tax payer money to have that polling place open and staffed all day.  In May, Kelso will be back to normal voting at their usual location.

We have three precincts with changed polling locations.

  • Clark Fork and Lakeview will now be voting at the Clark ForkHope Area Senior Center located at  1001 Cedar St., Clark Fork.
  • East Priest River will now be co-located with their friends West Priest River at the VFW Hall (Post 2909) located at 113 Larch St., Priest River. 

Early voting begins in the Administration Building located at 1500 Hwy 2 on Monday, February 22nd from 9am to 5pm and continues through Friday, March 5th. Our office is closed on weekends.

Absentee Ballot Requests for the March 9th election must be received in our Elections Office by 5:00pm February 26th in order to receive an absentee ballot for the March election.  Absentee Ballot Requests need to be requested each year and are available HERE.


Our Public Logic and Accuracy Test will be performed on February 10th, 2021 at 9:00 am in the Elections Office.

Election Calendar for 2021

November 3, 2020 Official Canvass

Official Canvass For May 19, 2020 through June 2nd, 2020 Election

Bonner County: March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary, Official Canvass

November 5, 2019 Election Canvass    
November 5th, 2019 Election Results Interactive Map 

Results of Bayview Water & Sewer Recall - Voters in Bonner County only!

Recall of Robyn Edwards: 
In Favor of - 3
Against -     21

Recall of Sharon Meyer
In Favor of - 3
Against -     21


County Offices, Incumbents and Terms Expiring:

Candidates Corner

If you do not have access to a computer, Petitions of Candidacy are available from the Elections Office housed in the Bonner County Administrative Office Building located at 1500 Hwy 2, Suite #124 in Sandpoint.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm, excluding Holidays.