Chris Giese
Chief Bailiff
Chris Geise, Chief Bailiff
Phone Numbers
208-255-3630 Extension 2146
Fax: 208-265-1475
Emergencies: Dial 911
Bonner County Courthouse
215 S. First Avenue

Courthouse Security

Courthouse Security

For the safety of everyone, there is security screening at the entrance of the Bonner County Courthouse.  All visitors to the courthouse are required to go through the screening process to be allowed into the building.

*** Individuals who refuse to submit to security screening shall 

not be allowed to enter the Bonner County Courthouse ***

The main objective of courthouse security is to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the building. Everyone’s cooperation is needed in order to achieve this very important goal. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. A variety of items may be prohibited because they are hazardous or could be used as potential weapons. If you are unsure if an item is allowed or not, the safest option is to not bring it.

If the X-ray or metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, a Bailiff may perform another scan, using a hand wand. The Bailiff may conduct a physical search of the person and personal articles to determine the cause of the alert or alarm. Before proceeding from the security screening area, visitors should retrieve all of their personal possessions.

Bailiffs will not hold unauthorized items for return later. Any prohibited item that is brought to the Bonner County Courthouse may be confiscated and the individual may be subject to criminal prosecution. Before coming to the courthouse, please review the list of Prohibited Items.