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Bonner County Juror Qualification Questionnaire

Jury Commissioner – David Thurman          Deputy Jury Commissioner – Mich Lewis-Sorensen

Bonner County Courthouse

215 S. First Ave           Sandpoint, ID 83864

24 Hour Juror Information Line: (208) 265-1477           Jury Commissioner’s Office: (208) 265-1443              Fax: (208) 265-1475

Email:                    Jury Service Website:

Effective January 1, 2023, all jurors assigned to Panel 1 for Calendar Year 2023 are no longer required to enter this number. All Calendar Year 2023 jurors will no longer be assigned to a certain month and will only report to the Bonner County Courthouse when their Juror Reporting Number is selected. Please reference the 2023 Bonner County Juror Instructions Notice for more information.
Last, First, Middle name as it appears on your Summons for Jury Service postcard
Please enter your current Bonner County physical address so that we may properly calculate your mileage from your residence to the Bonner County Courthouse. You will be paid for roundtrip mileage each day you attend jury service.

If your Physical and Mailing address are NOT the same, please enter your Mailing address below.:
(including area code)
(including area code)
(including area code)
If you request to receive courtesy text notification, this is to ensure text messages from the Jury Commissioner's Office are sent through the correct cell phone provider service.
Note: Please ensure you provide a correct/valid email address as you will receive your email response to this Juror Qualification Questionnaire with your status.
Note: Please be advised that you are still required to check the Jury Service website or Juror Information Line as required.

PLEASE SELECT ANY DISQUALIFICATIONS THAT APPLY TO YOU. (There are NO automatic exemptions from jury service):
Note: Please submit attachment of a copy of non-citizenship(i.e..,Green Card, Visa, Passport). Attachments may also be submitted via email to or via fax to (208) 265-1475.
Note: Residency is determined by your Driver's License or Voting Record.
(Example: If you have a current Idaho Driver's License from Bonner County AND you reside or work in Arizona from November to April AND you will be in Bonner County from May to October, you will need to be available for jury service in Bonner County during the timeframe you are in Bonner County.)
Note: If you checked the box to the question above, please obtain a Physician's Certificate for Release from the Bonner County Jury Service website( and provide to your doctor. Physician's Certificates must be returned as soon as possible or prior to your Juror Reporting Number being selected, otherwise you may be deemed as a QUALIFIED juror and required to report to the Bonner County Courthouse for jury service. You will then have to explain your situation to the presiding Judge. The presiding Judge will make final determination whether you will be excused or required to serve on the jury trial. Forms may also be requested by mail or your doctor may obtain the form from the Bonner County Jury Service website. If you have a PERMANENT medical condition that affects your ability to serve as a juror, the form must be signed by a medical doctor(MD). PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT BONNER COUNTY OR JURY COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FEES THAT YOU INCUR BY YOUR DOCTOR FOR THE PROCESSING OF THIS FORM.
Please attach/submit a copy of your current orders or a letter from your Commanding Officer. Documents may also be submitted via fax to (208) 265-1475, or via email to
Please list your Current Duty Station/Unit, Estimated PRD, and Next Duty Station/Unit.

POSTPONEMENT REQUEST/EXCUSED DAYS OFF REQUEST SECTION. Please note that requests are subject to approval by the Jury Commissioner and/or Administrative Judge. If your request is less than 180 days from the postmark date on your Summons for Jury Service postcard, please skip to the Excused Days section below. Work is NOT a valid reason to be EXCUSED from jury service. Only one(1) request for postponement may be granted for the shortest period of time reasonable under the circumstances. You will receive a new Summons for Jury Service postcard approximately 45 days prior to your next jury service assignment, at which point you will then be required to complete and submit a new Juror Qualification Questionnaire.
Note: If you select Other, please list reason you are unavailable for jury service.
Note: Please list all requested excused dates for the Calendar Year. (Separate dates you wish to be EXCUSED by commas or dashes). If approved, you will only be EXCUSED for the dates you request. Your jury service availability will start as of January 1 and resume after your excused dates have completed. If you have an APPROVED excused absence and your Juror Reporting Number was missed for an assigned jury trial, you will be assigned to the next available jury trial. If you require additional dates after your Juror Qualification Questionnaire is processed, please respond via your Juror Qualification Questionnaire Response email or by phone. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW JUROR QUALIFICATON QUESTIONNAIRE.
Note: If you select Other, please list reason you are unavailable for jury service.

DECLARATION OF PROSPECTIVE JUROR: Any person who willfully misrepresents a material fact on a Juror Qualification Questionnaire for the purpose of avoiding, evading, or securing service as a juror is guilty of a misdemeanor. By signing this form, I attest that the above listed information is true to the best of my knowledge.
Please type in your full name or initials

Once you have finished filling out this form, please click the Submit button below:

If you encounter any issues(i.e...Form Invalid) with the submission of this form, please contact the Jury Commissioner's Office by phone for assistance or you may save this file as a pdf and send to the Jury Commissioner via email to