Jury Service Frequently Asked Questions

How often is jury service in Bonner County?Jury service for all Bonner County residents is a minimum of once every 2 years.  If you served on a jury trial in Bonner County, the State of Idaho, or on Federal Jury Service within the past 2 years, you may request to have your jury service deferred to a later date.  Jurors will be postponed for 2 years from the date of your previous service.
Where is the Bonner County Courthouse located?The Bonner County Courthouse is located at 215 S. First Avenue in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Directions to the Bonner County Courthouse may be obtained on the Idaho jury website when you check your JUROR STATUS, via Google Maps, or on the Bonner County GIS website https://cloudgisapps.bonnercountyid.gov/public/
How long is my jury service term? Effective January 1, 2024, jurors are assigned to 1 jury service term.  All assignment dates will be listed on your summons notice.  Jurors may also be required to report for more than 1 jury trial during their jury service assignment.  Jurors selected for a jury trial may be required to stay on as a juror past their assignment date.
How should I dress for jury duty?Jurors should appear dressed in a manner that is respectful of the Court. Uniforms, shorts, and improper clothing are not acceptable. 
Parking at the Bonner County CourthouseJuror parking is available on the south end of the courthouse. Please ensure you allow yourself time for parking as space may be limited. Pets are not allowed to be left inside your vehicles at our parking lot. Handicap parking spots are available at the front of the courthouse. Please ensure your placard is properly displayed on your vehicle.
What time do I need to report for jury service?Juror report times may vary, but usually jurors will be required to report between 8:00AM - 8:15AM.  If the times are altered, you will receive notification via text/email notification.  Jurors may also check the JURY TRIAL CALENDAR for updated information regarding jury trials at the Bonner County Courthouse.  Be on time and allow for the entire day for your jury service.
How late may I be required to stay for a jury trial?  All jury trials normally operate until 5PM daily or by the discretion of the presiding Judge. Jurors should plan accordingly or make other arrangements in advance (i.e. childcare pick-up/drop-off, medical appointments, etc...) prior to arrival at the courthouse for their assigned jury trial.
Juror CompensationJurors are compensated for service as provided per Idaho Code 2-215. In accordance with Idaho Code 2-215, jurors shall be paid roundtrip mileage for travel expenses from their residence to the courthouse at the per diem rate of $.656 per mile(effective January 1, 2023). Jurors are also paid at the rate of $5.00 per 1/2 day and $10.00 for each full day of jury service. Jury trials that exceed past the 5th day are paid at the rate of $50.00 per day for each full day of service.  Jurors will receive payment within 30 days of their service via check.  Please note that juror pay may take time to input, process, and mail.  If you do not receive your juror pay after 30 days, please contact the Jury Commissioner.
What if I am over 70 years of age and no longer wish to serve? Jurors over 70 years of age have the option of continuing to serve if they would like to continue to serve or not serve.  When you complete your questionnaire, you may answer the question accordingly.  
What if I am no longer a resident of Bonner County? If you are no longer a resident of Bonner County, please indicate on your questionnaire your new address.  You will be exempted from jury service in Bonner County.  If you return to Bonner County, you will be reinstated.
What if I received a summons addressed for a person that does not live at my address? If the person addressed on the summons does not live at your address, please write "NATA" or "RTS" on the summons.  The Post Office will return the summons to our office.
What if I am a felon or previously convicted of a felony?If you are currently on Felony Probation or Parole, you will be exempted from jury service until you are released from probation.  The Jury Commissioner will verify your eligibility as a juror.  If you are deemed QUALIFIED by the Jury Commissioner, you may be instructed to report and you will then need to disclose your situation with the Presiding Judge.  The Judge will make final determination to keep or release you as a juror for the jury trial.
Children or Family Members attending jury serviceChildren or family members are not allowed inside the courtroom when you attend jury service.  The Bonner County Courthouse does not have a daycare facility for your children. Jurors will need to make child care accommodations prior to attending jury service.
Jurors with transportation issues If you are unable to drive or have any transportation issues to and from the Bonner County Courthouse, you will need to coordinate with the Jury Commissioner to receive assistance to attend jury service. The Jury Commissioner will attempt to make arrangements with area transportation services to have roundtrip transportation provided for you.  If accommodations are unable to be made, you may be assigned to a later term of jury service.
Pets at the Bonner County CourthousePets are not allowed inside the courthouse or left unattended in vehicles parked at the Bonner County Courthouse.
Security at the Bonner County CourthouseSecurity is mandatory in all court facilities. Any and all destructive items considered dangerous by the Bailiff staff may be confiscated. The following items are not allowed inside the Bonner County Courthouse: Aerosol cans, Alcohol, Ammunition, Billie club, Body spray(over 4oz), Bug bombs or spray, Chains over 12", Chemical gas, Chinese sticks(hairsticks), Clay, Crochet hooks, Drugs, Explosives, Firearms, Glass containers (over 4oz), Handcuff key, Knitting needles, Knives of any type/size, Kubaton sticks of any kind, Lighters, Mace, Meadallions over 2", Metal forks, Metal knuckles, Metal nail files, Metal picks, Needles, Oversized belt buckles, Paints, Pepper spray, Rat tail combs, Razors or box cutters, Sharp point scissors, Sling shot, Stun gun, Tear gas, Throwing stars, Tools and Tape Measures, Tweezers, or Any Item the Security Staff deems a security issue.
American's With DisabilitiesThe Jury Commissioner's Office and courthouse staff of the Bonner County Courthouse will provide reasonable accommodations(i.e...,hearing devices, special seating arrangements, etc...) for persons with disabilities under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. If you wish to request such accommodations, please notify the Jury Commissioner by phone or email.
Juror Attendance LettersIf you require a record of attendance for a jury trial, attendance letters are available for you to download or print on the Idaho jury website https://jury.idaho.gov/.  This record is for you to provide to your spouse, employer, or keep for your records.
Jury Scam AlertBonner County residents should remain vigilant for potential Jury Service Scams in our area. DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. The caller may even identify himself/herself as an officer you may know. The Bonner County Sheriffs Office and our local law enforcement agencies would not contact you in regards to items pertaining to jury service. If you experience a scam caller situation, please take note of the following:
1.  Obtain the phone number(s) you received the call from
2.  DO NOT provide or confirm any personal information with the caller
3.  DO NOT provide any credit card information or give out a gift card
4.  Listen for any noise in the background, accent of the person you are speaking with
5.  Provide you with a particular name
6.  Record the conversation if you are able to

If you think you may have become a victim of a jury scam, please contact the Bonner County Sheriffs Office Dispatch (non emergency 208-265-5525).

Causes for a mistrialYou can unknowingly cause a mistrial, so please do not talk to anyone about the case while assigned to a trial. Also, law books, dictionaries and medical books are not allowed in the jury deliberation rooms, and jurors may not ask questions during the course of the trial. Your only opportunity to talk is when you are questioned during the voir dire questioning, which is the formal jury selection process.



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