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Other Important Links

Below are a few links connecting you to other information and resources.

United States Department of Labor

Spokane Cares Support Services – Support Services for Veterans and their families.

Sandpoint Community Resource Center - Volunteer's who are there to connect people with needs to people of surplus

Goodwill Supportive Services for Veteran Families - a housing stability program serving veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Helping Hands & Healing Hearts - Joint Ministry of Sandpoint area churches that helps members of the community in need. 

Newby Ginnings of North Idaho – providing resources and essentials to Veterans and their families.

Financial Resources & Discounts - A list of many resources available toward Military and their families; everything from tutoring to getting hired. 

Verizon Military Discount

InMyArea – showing you different utilities and information to help you get settled in a new town.

How to get Hired – Veterans Guide on getting hired.

Medicare Information - Questions regarding information on Medicare.

Help if you were Diagnosed with Mesothelioma:

To schedule an appointment and talk with the local Veterans Service Officer call 208-255-5291 or visit us at the office located at 1500 Highway 2, Suite 122 in Sandpoint ID.