Assistance/Indigent Services

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ATTN: Indigent Medical Services no longer provided.

Per 2022 state legislation and House Bill 735, financial assistance is limited and is no longer available for payment of medical expenses.

Per Resolution 22-56, Bonner County will no longer assist with rental or utility assistance.

Indigent Services

Welcome to Bonner County Indigent Services. This department serves to carry out the mandates and intent of Idaho law contained in Title 31, Chapters 34 & 35 of the Idaho Code.

Assistance from Bonner County is required to be “as a last resort” only; or when no alternative exists. Bonner County will require repayment of any taxpayer funds used to assist a county resident under these laws.

Before assistance can be provided, however, certain requirements will have to be met. The applicant must present for an interview and must be prepared to provide personal information and verification of the applicant’s living situation, income, assets of all types, insurance, resources, estate, etc., as well as verification of the applicant’s expenses which will be evaluated for necessity and reasonableness.

Once this information has been gathered, a thorough investigation will be conducted to substantiate the data and then make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners for approval or denial.

Again, any approvals will also include an Order to reimburse the County, and the applicant will be required to sign a reimbursement oath.

County Assistance Program
Phone:  208-255-5291 ext 2
Fax:  208-255-2554