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Steven Bradshaw

Steven Bradshaw, Commissioner
District 1

I moved to Bonner County from Texas in 1988 with my wife and two sons. I have been self-employed most of my life and thoroughly understand the issues facing American families and small business owners. I believe that minimizing the role of government and focusing on the concerns of the citizenry makes for a more successful business and family environment.

My commitment to, and care for people, is one of my core values. I believe listening and building common ground builds strong lasting communities. My faith and beliefs hold me to a higher accountability which I strive to achieve daily. 

Real leadership can only be built on a foundation of integrity and honesty.  Both of these lead to good character, and it is good character that prevails in difficult times. As a County Commissioner, I intend to bring honesty, accountability and integrity into every facet of the position. County government demands leadership based on facts and findings, commonsense and fiscal responsibility, coupled with truth and transparency. The forward thinking of our Founding Fathers, who developed the Constitution that remains critical today, needs to continue to apply to our local government in Bonner County, along with our state Constitution.