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The Bonner County Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Bonner County Administrative Offices located at 1500 Hwy 2, Sandpoint in the first floor conference room to hear public comment regarding the proposed Solid Waste fee changes.  Written comments may be submitted to Bonner County Commissioners, 1500 Hwy 2 Ste. 308, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864.

Proposed new rate changes:


Dispose of up to 3 yards per day with sticker


Annual Solid Waste Fee $185.00

No sticker $5.00 minimum charge for first 3 yards, $18.00 for each additional yard

Refrigerator/Freezer/AC Unit First unit no fee (per day) 

Additional refrigeration units $30.00 each decommissioning fee

*Note any commercial style refrigerators will be charged the $30.00 decommissioning fee


Passenger and pickup First 4 tires no fee (per day) 

Additional Tires $ 2.00 each

Additional Tire (With rim) $ 5.00 each

Large Tires (Semi/Trailer) First 2 tires no fee (per day)

Additional Tires $ 10.00 each 

Large Tires (With Rim) $ 20.00 each

Oversized Tires (Skidder/Tractor) First tire no fee (per day)

Additional Tires $ 50.00 each

Oversized Tires (With Rim) $125.00 each


Televisions/Monitors First television no fee (per day)

Additional Television/Monitors $5.00 each  

Household Hazardous Waste 10 gallons per collection event (MUST SHOW STICKER)


Annual Solid Waste Fee $500.00

No sticker $40.00 per yard (minimum charge)


Commercial waste $18.00 per cubic yard (minimum fee $9.00 for ½ yard or less)

Commercial waste by weight $128.00 per ton (.06 per lb.)

Inert (Colburn-Dickensheet-Idaho Hill) $ 10.00 per cubic yard

Metal $ 10.00 per cubic yard

Wood/Brush $18.00 per cubic yard (minimum fee $9.00 for ½ yard or less)

Single Stream/Cardboard Recycling $18.00 per cubic yard (minimum fee $9.00 for ½ yard or less)

Televisions and computer monitors

under 75 lbs. $10.00 each

over 75 lbs. $25.00 each

Refrigerators, Freezers, AC units $30.00 decommissioning fee per unit


Passenger and pickup $2.00 each

Additional Tire (With rim) $5.00 each

Large Tires (Semi/Trailer) $10.00 each

Large Tires (With Rim) $20.00 each

Oversized Tires (Skidder/Tractor) $50.00 each

Oversized Tires (With Rim) $125.00 each

*Out of county residents do not live or own property in Bonner County. If you own a summer home/rental in Bonner County you are an in county resident. 

Capital Improvements Plan 2019.pdf

Request for Proposal Metal Baling 2019-2020.pdf

Request for Proposal Wood Grinding 2019-2020.pdf


The Solid Waste Department strives to provide safe and efficient transfer stations/collection sites with a commitment to high-quality public service.