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Welcome to the Bonner County Jury Service website.  This website contains important information regarding jury service for current and future prospective jurors.  Jury Service is an essential element of our Country and State's judicial system.  Trial by jury is provided as a Constitutional right.  Serving on a jury is one of the highest privileges and responsibilities of citizenship for your Community and your Country.

The Jury Commissioner has received multiple reports of attempted Jury Service scams.  These attempts are being made via phone and/or email.  All Bonner County citizens should remain vigilant and protective of their personal information.  DO NOT SEND MONEY OR PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THESE CALLERS!!! Reported phone numbers often originate from outside of Bonner County and pretend to be law enforcement or other elected officials.  If you are a victim of a jury scam, please contact the Bonner County Sheriff's Office.


Jurors in receipt of a summons are to complete their questionnaire on the Idaho Jury website  All selected jurors in receipt of a Summons (including all jurors over 70, former residents, criminal history, medical issues, etc...) must complete and submit their questionnaire on the Idaho Jury website and not use any previous versions of the Bonner County Questionnaire they find online.  Jurors will be able to monitor their status on this new website.  To view your status on the Idaho Jury website, select Home, then go to Service Information.  Your status and instructions will be provided.

Jurors that do not have internet access may complete and return the paper form they received in the mail or you may complete your questionnaire in person at the Bonner County Courthouse.

The Calendar Year 2024 Jury Trial Calendar is located on the left panel of this website.  Jury trial information is located on this calendar and updates will be posted as soon as information is available.  Please note that jurors may be assigned to more than 1 jury trial during their assigned pool assignment.
Jurors with a medical issue will need to download and submit the Physician's Certificate for Release Form.  The form is available to print on the left panel of our website.   The Physician's Certificate for Release form must be returned within 10 days of submission of your questionnaire or you may be deemed CONFIRMED as a juror and assigned to a jury trial.  Jurors will receive an email response after their forms have been processed.


If you have any questions or need assistance, 

please contact the Jury Commissioner

Jury Commissioner:  David Thurman

Phone:  (208) 265-1443 


Idaho Jury Website:

24 Hour IVR System:  (844) 509-1211