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Phone Numbers
Fax: 208-263-1899
Emergencies: Dial 911
4002 Samuelson Avenue

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Detention is to provide a safe, secure environment wherein juveniles and the community are protected. Personal responsibility for one’s behavior is emphasized and ensured through active supervision. The Detention Center’s operations will meet the basic physical, emotional and educational needs of the juveniles who are in custody by creating an environment of respect and concern. Juveniles will have access to treatment and educational programs that target their individual needs and the need for rehabilitation that are linked to community-based programs.

Parent Information

National School Lunch Program


PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

 Detention Staff: 

Ron Stultz, Director 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2189

Will Hunter, Detention Manager 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2210

Ed McCollum, Detention Supervisor

Connie Morris, Detention Supervisor

Holly Hirst, Detention Supervisor

Ben Cunningham, Detention Supervisor

Stuart Schaeffer, Detention Technician

Richard Cowell, Detention Technician

Christiana Fontes, Detention Technician

Gabriel Ealy, Detention Technician

Heather Baird, Detention Technician

Michael Brewster, Detention Technician

Kaisa Prouty, Detention Technician

Jason Munzke, Detention Clinician