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Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation is a structured and restrictive program for the habitual/serious youth offender. Individuals are formally adjudicated in magistrate court when placed on probation. Probation officers are responsible for preparing a social history and recommendations to the court for disposition hearings. Once a youth has been placed on probation, they are provided with alternatives to incarceration. They are held accountable for their actions. Various programs are in place to address the needs of the youth, their families, and the victims of their crimes.

  Juvenile Intake Packet  

 Juvenile Probation Staff: 

Dion Heller, Probation Manager 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2197

Sarah Bluemer Guthrie, Juvenile Probation Officer 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2199

Patrick Beck, Juvenile Probation Officer 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2198

Tom Barrows, Juvenile Probation Officer 
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2200

Jessica Denver, Juvenile Probation Officer
(208) 263-1602, ext. 2194