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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Information For Bonner County

Marriage License may be obtained in the Recorders Office
between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays only

The cost is a total of $28.00 cash, check, or credit card. Additional fees do apply if you choose a credit card.

You can obtain an Idaho Marriage License in any county in the state of Idaho, to be used only in the state of Idaho. You must be married in Idaho.

You must be unmarried.

There is no waiting period in the State of Idaho. 

Information or documents required:

  • Males & Females ages 18 and older
    • Proof of age*
  • Males & Females ages 16 or 17
    • Consent in writing duly acknowledged or sworn to by the father, mother, or legal guardian if there were to be such a person (see below for affidavit of consent by parent or guardian).
    • Original or Certified copy of the Birth certificate of each party who is 16 or 17;
  • Males & Females under age 16
    • Order from Magistrate Court
    • Plus all requirements for 16 & 17 year old.
  • Must have knowledge of United States Social Security Number
  • Non-U.S. residents must bring photo identification from the country in which he or she currently resides. They must also visit the U.S. Social Security Office to obtain a letter verifying the status of their social security. The identification and letter must be presented to the recording clerk at the time of the marriage application.

Accepted Proof of Age Documents 

  • Certified copy of minor child's birth certificate (required for marriages of minors only). Adults must have current photo identification.
  • A valid (non-expired) driver's license or state issued identification card; or
  • A valid passport

Per Idaho Code Title 32-205 & 206, marriages between parents and children, ancestors and descendants of every degree, and between brothers and sisters of half or whole blood, and between uncles and nieces, or aunts and nephews, and between first cousins are prohibited by law.

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Affidavit of Consent by Parent or Guardian