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The Bonner County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 679 miles of County roads. 286 miles of hard surface and 393 miles of gravel roads are plowed and sanded during winter season.  The 3 road districts apply road stabilization material (dust abatement) to over 200 miles of gravel road and chip seal 50 miles of pavement each year.

Our Goals

The Road and Bridge Department is committed to serving the residents and visitors of the County to the best of their ability and resources. From the office personnel to the crew members in the field, our goal is to make the roads of Bonner County safe and acceptable for all who travel upon them.

Road Reflections – Fall 2019

Overseeing a county road operation has some remarkable resemblance to surviving as a small farm operator.  You take stock of the conditions in spring, as mud squishes under your boots, then begin to make plans for strides forward during the warm months of summer.  As summer ends, you take stock of the progress you made and realize that your harvest of work completed is not as large as expected – equipment break downs, weather disturbances and work details taking longer than ever imagined.

This summer was no exception for Bonner County Road & Bridge, as we did not get a number of projects accomplished that we anticipated working on.  Several of the projects we were working on ate our lunch for time because they required much more effort to complete properly than we projected.  Hard to believe that road crews putting in beastly hours in the winter, actually want some time off in the summer or the medical procedures to put themselves back together from injuries.  It has also been quite challenging to find suitable candidates to fill the vacancies in our crew.

Now that fall is upon us, we are scrambling our road graders to get roads smoothed back out from the summer assault and get our roads ready for winter.  We are about to start brushing the Sagle Road again and do some work up on Baldy Mountain Road about a month later than we expected to, but we will get some work done on each.  We are attempting to get some bridge repair done north of Priest River and guardrail installed up near Priest Lake, but encountering delays in those projects, too.  A number of gravel roads that we had on this year’s work plan are now on next year’s work plan, but they are still in our work plan.

While we hear from residents regularly about their desire to have roads paved, Bonner County believes we need to place primary focus on catching up on some of our basic road maintenance that has fallen behind.  Ironically, it was commitments we had to put hard surface on two roads that ate our lunch for completing the maintenance work we intended to get done this summer.  We applied mag chloride to some 200 miles of gravel road and we chip sealed nearly forty miles of existing paved roads.  The task we are most challenged by is establishing a sustainable ditching program with a predictable rotation throughout the road system.

We are working on safety features to improve several of our highway intersections and these have also gone a bit slower than we anticipated.  A new streetlight has been installed at Algoma Spur and one will be added at Selle Road in the coming weeks.  We are also about to get a contractor started on widening the Dufort Road intersection and adding another turn lane to accommodate north and south bound Highway 95 traffic.  Road & Bridge has teamed up with several local engineers to begin working on some possible ideas for improving the Lakeshore Drive – Highway 95 bottleneck and garner an Idaho Transportation endorsement.  This is a safety conundrum of significant proportions that is a state problem because it is a highway, but is of tremendous local importance.  Getting this project to construction will take major doses of persistence and patience, but is worth the effort!  Bonner County is committed to seeing improvements constructed.

Steve Klatt, Director

Ordinances and Road Standards

Bonner County Revised Code - Title 2 and Title 13

Bonner County Roads Standards Manual Version 2.1 - 2019.

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