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Driveway, Road Approach and Event Permits

Encroachment Permit Application   *IMPORTANT*(This link takes you to the cloud to make your payment and complete the encroachment permit application. Be sure to submit your payment, then go back to complete the encroachment permit application and submit it.)

(the same form is used for all encroachment types - including residential or commercial driveways, road approaches, paving /change to a hard surface, and events)

Fee schedule

$130 - New driveway access or road approach permit fee

$130 - Paving permit (requires a preliminary inspection before grading/prep and a final inspection)

$65 - Existing access inspection, trip charge, or event permit fee

Residential Driveway Encroachment Standards Version II - 2017

Commercial - Road Approach Standards Version II - 2017

Call 811 Before You Dig – Utility line location and marking publication

Bonner County Roads Standards Manual Version 2.1 - 2019

Encroachment Example.jpg

Residential Driveway Encroachment Example