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Weight Limits Information


All Bonner County maintained roads have been lifted from weight limits.

Click the link below to access the Bonner County GIS Public Map Viewer if you need to see where a road is located. The map does NOT show if a road is posted with weight limits.


Weight Limits Explained

Frost Law Ordinance #422

Weight Limit Quick Reference Chart

  Weight Limit sign(1).jpg

Per BCRC Ordinance #422, it shall be the responsibility of the hauler to contact the Road & Bridge Department to determine whether or not these restrictions are in place.   

These restrictions will remain in effect until changed, at which time updates will be posted.   

For additional information, contact Bonner County Road & Bridge at 208-255-5681, extension #1 between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm.   

After hours, please call 208-255-5681, extension #8 for weight limits.   

Weight Limit Posting - A red flag or no flag on the sign means Weight Limits are in effect. If there is a green flag, this means weight limits are imminent and may be in effect within the next 24 hours.   


Weight Limit Posting 2-17-2017.jpg