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Bonner County Road Name List


Bonner County Addressing Ordinance

If a road or driveway accesses three (3) or more properties, it shall be assigned a road name and the parcels shall be addressed in accordance with this Title.

Parcels served by a common driveway that access two (2) parcels should be assigned an address at the point where the access intersects a public or private road or named common driveway. Each property shall be assigned a different address. If the county issues multiple addresses to a parcel pursuant to this section, the county may also require that the common driveway be named in the same manner as private roads.


13-420 Road naming standards.
(a) It is hereby established that the following rules and regulations for the naming of roads shall apply. All official road names shall be assembled in the Bonner County Road Name List. Additions and amendments to the list shall be made by the Address Administrator. All new road names or changes to names shall be established in accordance with the standards and procedures hereinafter set forth. If possible surnames should not be used.
(b) The following standards shall be used in determining and approving road names:
(1) All proposed road names shall be submitted to the Address Administrator for review and approval.
(2) Road names should be easy to communicate (e.g., across electronic communication devices) and shall not be offensive to the standards of good taste.
(3) There shall be no duplication of names by sound or spelling (Example: Briar Road, Brier Road).
(4) Variations of the same name with a different road designation shall be prohibited within the first word of the two-word title or in the road extension (Example: Pine Road, Pine Drive, White Pine Road, White Lilly Lane).
(5) When a proposed road is in general alignment with an existing road, and the proposed road is or planned to be a continuation of the existing road, the existing name and designation should be maintained.
(6) Where a proposed Street connects, or aligns with, two different streets each having different names, the Address Administrator shall decide the name to be used, giving consideration to the length, classification, period of usage and number of residents affected. Both “L” shaped and “T” shaped roads should carry the same name if either leg is one hundred feet (100’) or less in length. “L-shaped” and “T” shaped roads over 100 feet in length each should carry a different name on each leg of the “L” or the “T”. This determination shall be made on a case-by-case basis.
(7) In general, road names should consist of no more than three (3) words or contain over sixteen (16) letters in length including spaces, unless otherwise approved by the Address Administrator. The road direction (N, S, E, W) and designation (e.g., street, lane, court, etc.) is not included. All names should conform to this limitation except where existing names are to be continued due to alignments.
(8) There shall be no duplication of existing names. Bonner County shall assemble, update, and maintain an official list of all road names throughout the County for use by all jurisdictions.
(9) No road shall have more than one name.
(10) No road name shall contain the words North, South, East, or West, or any combination
thereof, within the road name.